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Types of call

National Helpline centre for violence against women and children attends the following types of calls:

Early Marriage:

In Bangladesh generally girls become victim of early marriage. In Bangladeshi law, if girls under age of 18 and boys under age of 21 got married then it will consider as early marriage and legally it pays for punishment. In general family members are responsible for this marriage. Socio-economic condition of Bangladesh and vulnerable status of women in society are mainly responsible for early marriage.

Physical Assault:

Physical Assault can define as physically beaten or tortured by family members or others, being harmed or any other painful attitudes. Reasons behind physical torture are dowry, conjugal conflict, extra marital relationship, polygamy, desire of domination, previous enmity, property dispute etc. Due to physical assault, financial and psychological losses happen.

Psychological Torture:

Generally family members, boy friend or known persons may be responsible for psychological torture. Someone may be victim of psychological torture by behavior, attitude, conversation, and ignorance of others. For this reason, depression, anxiety or mistrust can develop to the victims.


When a male cannot fulfill his wish then he tried to take revenge by burning the women. This burn caused by fire or chemical like acid. Refusal of love or marriage proposal, demand of dowry can be pointed as the reason of this type of torture. As women are victim of burn but sometimes male are also victim of it.

Harassment over Phone:

In general women or child can be victim of abusive conversation, proposal of love or marriage, friendship offer or by slang words over telephone or mobile phones.

Eve Teasing/ Sexual Harassment:

Eve teasing is a kind of sexual harassment. This harassment can be occurs by the unknown persons- in front of the educational institute or on the way. Woman’s outfit, physical structure, slang words or attitude, physical touch or forcefully hand rubbing can be included in eve teasing. For this reason, women and female children feel insecure and made obstacles in their normal life style.


By shooting the video footage of sexual relationship or capture vulgar images of victim and expose it to the internet or mobile can socially defame the victim. This video or images can be captured in marital relationship, extra marital relationship, affair, or rape etc. Most of the time women are not aware of this action.


Any types of forceful sexual relationship without the concern of women at any age can be considered as rape. Recently the ratio of the violence on women and children by rape is increasing. Most of the cases did not report at the police station for the sake of reputation. Sometimes victims are being killed after rape.

Marital Rape:

Sometimes in conjugal relationship if male partner made sexual relationship with his wife without her consent then it may consider as marital rape. Due to social condition and circumstances most of the women did not express this situation. In society it is not consider as a crime.


When a person has a wife and he get married again then it can define as polygamy. They show different causes for this kind of marriage. For this reason conflict between families arises and besides that physical torture, murder can also take place.

 Extra Marital Relationship:

When a married person (both male and female) get involve in an illegal relationship with another male or female then it can be defined as extra marital relation. Women become deprived from their rights for this type of relationships. Physical torture, murder can also happen for this.


Divorce can be happen for the reason of family chaos, violence or adjustment problem. In Bangladesh there is law regarding this issue but most of men and women are not aware about that.


According to Muslim family law dower is the right of a married women which is compel by her husband. Most of the time women did not get it yet it said to pay after marriage. At the time of divorce, dower is considered. There is much misconception about this.


This is a responsibility of a husband to bear the maintenance cost of married Muslim women. But in reality sometimes husband did not take the responsibilities of family and did not bear the maintenance. In some cases husband go abroad and did not communicate with his wife.

Custody of Children:

After divorce parents faced problem with the custody of child. In that situation they filed case for custody or having conflict between them. Mass people have misconception about the custody of children.


Women and children are being kidnapped for the reason of previous enmity, hijacking, and refusal case or property dispute. Most of the time different condition applied for the release of the victim.


Sometimes women and children got confined besides being tortured by the husband or other members of the family or in laws. As a home maid, children faced different types of physical and sexual violence. Protect them from violence and send back them to their own family rescue is important.


When a case is filed against any crime, complained to the police station or ask for justice then threats can come from the opposition side. People are threatened of being killed, kidnapped, and raped or took their land.

Property Related:

Sometimes conflict arises from the distribution of property within family member or outsider. For this reason, murder, kidnapping or sexual harassment can take place. In this regard women are also being deprived from her own rights.


Women and children are being betrayed in various ways. They betrayed as they got false hope of marriage but did not get married or got false hope of job and paid money for it but did not get the job as well.


Many times children or person got missing and they could not find out. Many reasons are behind this like inappropriate knowledge of accurate address, run away from home for affair, kidnapping etc.


In Bangladesh mostly women and children are the victim of trafficking. After trafficking they became the victim of physical, mental and sexual violence. In the time of trafficking many of them can be traced or after the trafficking they can send information about their location. In that case it’s necessary to rescue them or take rehabilitation programs.

It remains open from Sunday to Thursday from 9am to 5 pm in any working day.


National Helpline Centre
for Violence against Women
and Children

Department of Women Affairs (7th Floor)

37/3 Eskaton Garden Road, Dhaka-1000

Helpline Number- 109



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No need to visit our office, Please ring our National 24-hour Helpline: 109


No need to visit our office, Please ring our National 24-hour Helpline: 109


No need to visit our office, Please ring our National 24-hour Helpline: 109


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